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Monika Stanieski Paintng
Monika Stanieski painting Above It All

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After many years of perseverance and hard work.  I invite you to discover my work to escape in my paintings to a place of peace.  Inspired by my love of nature, I have created my own detailed style of painting to inspire the viewer to cherish and protect the gifts of nature that surrounds us.  Hand painting exclusively from my imagination with an extremely fine tipped eyeliner brush for detail, an average 3 Months  on each painting, the Largest being  6 Feet x 4 Feet - What Have You Done? !

 My goal is to make a positive difference in wildlife rescue and conservation. Our Planet and Natural world must be protected.                                                                                                                                  Arrogance and greed are not a part of my world.

  Thank you for taking your time to DISCOVER my work.

 # 31 in Gallery

Monika Stanieski, Canada

Through difficult times, hold on, be strong,  for tomorrow is another day.

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